We take pride and care in every website we build. Each company has its own brand, look, feel and message they're trying to get out to their customer base; making each website unique. This makes giving a one-price-fits-all number pretty tricky, but we've got some guidelines on historical projects below. Get in touch and we can find the right fit for you.

Also, if you sign up to one of our service packages ("Retain" or higher) for a minimum of 3 months you can spread the cost of the build or get 20% off.

The higher package + longer partnership = more savings!


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From NZ$ 1,250

Simple but branded site to enable online sales 

If you're a small business and would like a relatively simple site up and running to get customers engaged in short order this is for you. Enhancements and additions can be added over time

I've never had a website!! Help!?

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More indepth design, consultation and training

You're looking for a website, its probably been on your radar for a while but you've been waiting for the right team to help you through the journey - we're here for you! This package offers enhanced training, set up and support.

I've got a site, but I need something modern and more engaging

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Richer functionality and consultation

All websites need a bit of a makeover every now and then - whether its cosmetic or added functionality to engage new and existing customers. This package promises to deliver just that with expert help on loyalty and promotions plus beautiful designs and layouts.

I'm looking for all the bells and whistles

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Advanced functionality, design and consultation

You want the all singing all dancing website to match your brand and offering. This full option gives you everything you need and more, from newsletter designs to loyalty program set up, advanced SEO set up and even initial ad management. Hit the ground running!

Get in touch to learn more about discounts on build and service package bundles.


  • All prices are excluding GST

  • Hosting and service fees (incl card transaction fees) are excluded


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