Where to from here?

After reading what it is that we do you must now be curious as to how pressENTER does all of this, how much we cost - and how quickly we can get your business's eCommerce up and running.

We offer a number of services across different packages, these range in price with our one off package starting  at $2,500 (+gst). Given our range we are confident that one of these will be just what you are after.

Timing is variable, but generally a out of the box site is about 1 week and this can grow to 12 weeks for more in depth builds, discussions and refinement.

pressENTER have everything from a super quick out of the box website that can be turned around within hours - an excellent choice in today's lockdown environment as it can easily be setup to allow your business to adapt to the changing alert levels, through to a full-service business operation working longterm to increase revenue and the profitability of your online store.

So where to from here?

You can either pick one of our standard packages and hit the ground running right now, or you can contact us and we can take it from there.


Contact us

Let's organise a meeting to discuss any questions and to talk through your requirements.



Help us to learn about your business - what eCommerce requirements do you have a what are your timeframes.


Pick a Package

pressENTER will provide you with a personalised proposal outlining which of our packages we feel is right for your business.



We are here to help and make this process as easy as we can so if at any point you have questions then do just let us know.




Yay!! We are ready to set our plan into action.

Site mock up & fine-tune designs


We create your new website and then work with you to get it exactly as you want.


Go live


Congratulations your brand new website can be viewed and used by your customers! We will pressENTER on this with great SEO's, promotional Ads (google and facebook) along with emails to your customer base.

On going operations


Here's where pressENTER take the operational burden for you. We are here to support and assist at every level but the depth of this varies across each.

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