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pressENTER is a provider of eCommerce technologies and consultancy services, offering scalable solutions and packages for businesses of all sizes. The founders have leveraged their many years of experience in the software and eCommerce industry, to deliver a personal and reliable partnership.
With many retail operators having no or underperforming online stores, the opportunity to help these businesses survive and thrive presented itself  during the NZ Covid-19 2020 lockdown. 

After experiencing a lockdown state businesses quickly found that without an online presence and the ability to support online shopping they were being left behind. We believe that if you don’t have e-commerce capabilities supporting your business you are losing potential customers (and revenue!) and will be left behind by the competition – be it local or offshore.

pressENTER's tailored service is designed to achieve any business objectives or revenue goals.


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What is e-commerce, and why is it so important?

Also known as electronic commerce or eBusiness, it is the buying and selling of goods and/or services over the internet. eCommerce operates much like physical retail in a store however as all the magic happens online sales can take place at anytime, anywhere.

Gradually over the last few years people have been changing the way they consume, this is made evident with e-commerce market participants disrupting traditional retail operators at a significant rate. Companies now need to look at their businesses to see how they can leverage intuitive technologies to better service their customers and anticipate their needs.


This need has been further highlighted in 2020 when the world changed dramatically as a result of the restrictions placed world-wide on social interactions, changing human behaviour towards shopping in person.

Companies were (and still are) being challenged to reinvent themselves, whether this was creating an online presence or simply promoting and refreshing what they had to entice customers to their stores.

An online presence has allowed many businesses to continue functioning in some capacity throughout this period of isolation providing them with the ability to deliver their customers the goods they are used to from the safety of their own homes.


What does pressENTER do

pressENTER exists to help you accelerate (or even create) your brand’s e-commerce - whatever your industry. We think of our clients as partners, working towards a shared goal.

Our full-service business operation works to increase revenue and the profitability of your online store; crucial given the current ‘lockdown’ state of the world should be the biggest and most important part of your business going forward.

There are many challenges with online stores and establishing them - growing online sales, attracting new customers, not to mention all of the great unknowns of the IT world!

That’s where we come in!


We have the expertise to:

- Accelerate your online sales with a performance based approach (reporting)

- Establish, grow or reach new client segments

How is pressENTER different:

- We provide weekly updates and reporting to maintain a close partnership

- We are here for you, our full service operation and personal touch means that you never feel alone

- Attention to detail

- Solve your tricky 'technology' concerns

- We are nice and local, operating out of Christchurch 

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